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Inspired by the marble races phenomenon on YouTube here comes Marble Racing!

Pre-Alpha version:

This version comes with one track and one set of marbles. You cannot choose the number of marbles yet. It's purpose is to show the basic idea and receive early feedback from players.

Currently the game runs in Flash.

Please put a comment with your system specs and an average FPS. Thanks!

Development plan:

It is going to be a simulation/sandbox/toy/maker of marble races. The game will let you select the track, theme and how many/what marbles are competing. Players will bet which marble makes it first to the finish line.

There will be several sets of marbles to choose race participants from.

The game will have a single race mode and a tournament mode with two variations - multi stage and brackets.

Built in track editor will let players create simple or complex tracks for the marbles. Tracks will feature obstacles, like fans for example.

The game will support up to 8 local players placing bets both in single race and tournament modes. No online multiplayer is planned.

How to play:

1. Choose which marble will win.

2. Watch as your marble miraculously makes it first or gets pushed to the last place. Every race is different!

3. You can click anywhere on the screen to restart at any time.


The aim is to publish Marble Racing for Windows first - this includes Itch.io, Steam and GoG.

Later the game will arrive on Android, iOS and hopefully Mac OS X and Linux.


Programming and Art by Krzysztof Topolski | Ugly Pixels - http://uglypixels.pl

Music by David 'Senjan' Ketikidis - https://soundcloud.com/senjan-1

More information

Published 177 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorUgly Pixels
TagsCasual, Experimental, Physics, Top-Down
LicenseAll rights reserved
Asset licenseAll rights reserved
Average sessionA few minutes


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Hey! I'm very happy to see someone developping a game on marbles!! I hope to see it soon!! =)

Thanks! The game is currently on hold but will be continued in the future under a different name. Cheers.